3D Printers

Marion Systems offers 3D printers designed for use in educational and design environments. Each of our machines is hand built specially for each customer. Our basic 3D printer, the G3D1, is a desktop unit capable of printing with a several different materials, and produces excellent quality prints with a minimum of effort.

Our larger model, the Digital Manufacturing Center, is an all-in-one mobile 3D printing workstation designed for educational applications where multiple users can share a machine without needing any additional set up or calibration. It is also very cost effective in design work groups where multiple users require enhanced throughput capacity.

Both of our models feature our standard warranty, and are eligible for our On-Site Support offerings.

Every machine is built by handdelivered, and set up by an expert technician

G3D1 Desktop 3D Printer

The G3D1 Desktop 3D Printer is perfect for those needing general 3D printing capability. With a patent pending design, it can produce excellent quality prints from a range of materials. It comes pre-configured for PLA, ABS and Nylon “Bridge” 3D printing filaments.

It is built with heavy duty industrial automation components for excellent reliability and requires only minimal maintenance. With our standard one year warranty, you can rest assured your investment in 3D printing will pay off, allowing users to focus on 3D printing, instead of calibrating, tweaking, and fixing problems.

The G3D1 is also eligible for our on-site support offerings, making Marion Systems an excellent alternative to more expensive, industrial 3D printing manufacturers.


Digital Manufacturing Center

The Digital Manufacturing Center is a mobile 3D printing workstation complete with two patent pending G3D1 based 3D printer modules, a built-in PC workstation, and additional support systems for odor filtration and thermal safety. Standing on heavy duty locking casters, it allows for easy sharing between groups, with little to no calibration required between moves. It shares the same material capabilities as our G3D1 Desktop 3D printer.

Each of the two 3D printer module is contained within separate, lockable enclosures and can be accessed independently of each other. Each enclosure has an independent thermal monitoring circuit and ventilation system with odor filtration as a standard feature.

The Digital Manufacturing Center comes with our standard warranty and is eligible for our On-Site Support offerings.

We offer free on-site demonstrations.

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