Digital Manufacturing Center

The Digital Manufacturing CenterA mobile 3D printing workstation, tailored for education and work groups

A Shared Use 3D Printing Solution

The Marion Systems Digital Manufacturing Center, or DMC, is a unique solution for shared usage scenarios. Workgroups and educational environments can benefit greatly from the mobility offered by the DMC. Built upon the exceptionally reliable G3D1 Desktop 3D Printer, the DMC was designed to be easily movable, tamper resistant, and conducive to classroom and office environments. It is a self-contained 3D printing workstation that can be moved around classrooms, buildings, and campuses with ease. Additional features like built-in odor filtration systems, locking enclosure doors, and a built-in PC workstation allow the DMC to operate safely within varied workgroups with no need to deploy software or settings to individual users. Combined with our Warranty & Support Services, the DMC is a compelling solution to your organization’s 3D printing needs.

Simplify Operation: On-Site Support, Maintenance, and Training

The Digital Manufacturing Center is very easy to use, however many organizations may be new to 3D printing, and the unique capabilities of the DMC. To help you get the most out of your DMC, Marion Systems includes a free 2 hour training session upon delivery. Training includes instruction on how to properly move, and set up the DMC, an explanation and demonstration of the typical workflow and settings, and instruction on minor maintenance and troubleshooting tasks. This ensures your staff can utilize the full potential of the Digital Manufacturing center on day one. For large organizations, or those with seasonal staff, additional training sessions can be purchased and scheduled at your convenience.

For additional operational insurance, we also offer on-site repair and scheduled maintenance services specifically tailored for the DMC.

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Supported 3D Printing Materials


A popular and durable plastic used in consumer devices, it is strong and relatively flexible. It is our recommended material for most applications.


Very strong but relatively brittle, PLA is easiest to work with and requires lower temperatures to successfully 3D print. Excellent for general use printing.


Taulman Nylon 618 filament from is specifically manufactured for use in 3D printing. It has superior thermal resistance and strength, but can be flexible in thin segments.

Other Materials

Beyond ABS, PLA and Nylon, the G3D1 is capable of printing with many 3mm diameter 3D printing filaments. If you need a specific material, we may be able to help.

See photos of sample prints produced on our 3D printers.

Samples that illustrate the capabilities and materials printed with our machines.

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Dual G3D1 Based 3D Printers

Two 3D printers based on our reliable G3D1 Desktop unit produce excellent quality parts with extreme reliability and consistency.

Built-In PC Workstation

A built-in PC workstation allows for simpler operation and consolidation of 3D printer settings. Allowing easy sharing between different groups, departments, and schools.

Dual Locking Printer Chambers

Two independently locking 3D printer chambers can prevent tampering during printing operations. Additionally, enclosing the 3D printers provides for better print quality and consistency.

Odor Filtration System

A built-in odor filtration system minimizes foul odors from certain 3D printing materials, allowing the DMC to be used in populated environments.


Build Volume: Dual 200 x 200 x 175 mm (8″x8″x7″)
Power Requirements: 120VAC, 20A
Physical Dimensions: 63″ x 26″ x 48″ (not including monitor)
PC OS: Windows

Full Specifications


On-Site Delivery, Set Up, and Training Included

A Marion Systems engineer or technician will personally deliver your DMC, set it up, and provide instruction to you and your staff as to the proper workflow and how to make successful prints.

Two Free 1kg Spools of Material

Two spools of a material of your choice will be provided on delivery. You may order additional spools through Marion Systems or our approved third-party vendor list.

How to Order

To inquire about purchasing a DMC, please call us at (770) 559-1520 or send an email to

Request a free on-site demo of the G3D1 Desktop 3D Printer

See the machine in action, how it can meet your needs, on-site, and at your convenience.

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