Dual G3D1 Based 3D Printers

The Digital Manufacturing Center features two 3D printers based on our G3D1 Desktop 3D Printer. You get the high quality prints, and consistent, reliable operation our desktop machines are built to provide. Additionally, because they are enclosed in independent chambers, reliability and consistency with difficult to print materials such as Nylon is even further enhanced.

Vibration and Sound Isolation Mounts

Each of the 3D printer modules is mounted on special vibration and sound absorbing mounts. This feature has many benefits. First, sound generated by the operation of the 3D printers is contained and does not transmit into the cart frame. This significantly reduces the noise produced by the DMC. Second, during transit (such as moving the DMC to another building) the mounts prevent shocks from being transmitted into the 3D printers. This ensures the machines can be transported without affecting the calibration.

Odor Filtration System

Each 3D printer chamber in the Digital Manufacturing Center contains its own air flow management and odor filtration system. Dual activated carbon filters minimize the odors caused by some materials like ABS. Filtering the odors allows the DMC to operate in areas where open-frame 3D printers may present problems, like classrooms or office environments.


The Digital Manufacturing Center features a centralized control system that continuously monitors the temperatures of both 3D printer chambers and adjusts the airflow automatically. Each chamber is monitored independently, and has two settings for ABS/Nylon, and PLA printing. If the temperature inside the chambers reaches a particular threshold, the DMC will disable power to the heaters and motors automatically, ceasing operation, and requiring user intervention to resume.


The built-in PC workstation allows for simpler operation of the DMC. Each 3D printer is controlled via a web interface. And all settings and print configurations are stored on the workstation. There is no need to deploy additional software to a user’s machine. A USB port allows you to plug in a flash drive with your STL, OBJ, or AMF files, and generate your 3D print all from a centralized location. Additionally, since the workstation is a standard x86 based PC, it can be customized as desired.

Additional Features

Heavy Duty Locking Casters

Heavy duty NSF certified rolling casters provide for easy moving. Each caster locks in place with a foot pedal to securely position the DMC during printing operations.

Solid Oak Countertop

The top of the DMC is a solid oak butcher block counter top. This provides both a premium look and feel, and also provides an excellent work surface to perform post processing and support material removal tasks on completed 3D prints.

Dual Locking 3D Print Chambers

Each 3D printing chamber can be locked independent of the other. This prevents tampering and removal of a finished print until desired.

Front Control Panel

The front control panel allows for manual control of power, and chamber air flow modes. The LCD screen provides the temperature and fan duty cycle in real time during 3D printing operations.

Requires 120VAC 20A Power Source

Because the Digital Manufacturing Center contains multiple high power devices, a 20A circuit must be available.

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