G3D1 Desktop 3D Printer

G3D1 Desktop 3D Printer1 Year Warranty, with Free On-Site Delivery, Set Up, and Training

Reliable Performance

The G3D1 Desktop 3D Printer is built for consistent, reliable operation. Constructed using heavy duty industrial automation components, it can operate for extended periods of time reliably, and with a minimum of maintenance. For production and work group environments, reliability is vital to ensuring throughput and a return on your investment. Many similarly priced 3D printers require near constant tweaking and adjustment. The G3D1 has a full aluminum frame that enhances the rigidity of the machine in comparison to other open-sourced 3D printers that use plastic, wood, or 3D printed parts in their construction. This enhanced rigidity translates into better quality prints, more consistent operation, and superior reliability; letting you 3D print more, and adjust less.

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Local Support Makes the Difference

Being local and selling local definitely has its advantages. It allows for a closer relationship with customers, and allows for much more responsive support. If you have a question or are having a problem with your machine, a simple phone call is all it takes to find an answer. Prefer email? Send us an email. You’ll get a response back promptly. It is understood that support is a vital component to a truly reliable machine, and the available support offerings can provide you with the peace of mind that your 3D printer will perform with an absolute minimum of downtime.  Additionally, Marion Systems can visit your site for repairs and maintenance if you subscribe to our monthly service plans. Focus your time and efforts on 3D printing, and let Marion Systems handle the technical issues and maintenance for you.

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Supported 3D Printing Materials


A popular and durable plastic used in consumer devices, it is strong and relatively flexible. It is our recommended material for most applications.


Very strong but relatively brittle, PLA is easiest to work with and requires lower temperatures to successfully 3D print. Excellent for general use printing.


Taulman Nylon 618 filament from is specifically manufactured for use in 3D printing. It has superior thermal resistance and strength, but can be flexible in thin segments.

Other Materials

Beyond ABS, PLA and Nylon, the G3D1 is capable of printing with many 3mm diameter 3D printing filaments. If you need a specific material, we may be able to help.

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Sample prints that illustrate the capabilities and materials printed with the G3D1.

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Patent Pending Stationary Build Surface Design

A unique Cartesian actuator design keeps the build surface immobile during 3D printing operations. This helps keep parts from cooling improperly, and allows the G3D1 adjustable print surface to maintain its settings. Vastly reducing the amount of times you must re-level the print surface.

All Metal Heated Extrusion Nozzle

With an all metal heated nozzle, extrusion temperatures up to 300º celsius are possible. Additionally, the built in active cooling prevents jams from occurring, giving you trouble free printing for extended periods of time regardless of your material choice.

Rigid All Aluminum Frame

Unlike many similarly priced 3D printers, the G3D1 is built on an extremely rigid aluminum frame instead of plywood, plastic, or various hardware store parts. This rigidity translates into calibration that lasts, enhanced reliability, and excellent throughput.

Optional Network Control Interface

A network control interface is available on the G3D1. This allows for using a web browser to control printer functions in lieu of the desktop host software. Configurable access control is also possible to secure access to 3D printing functions.

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  • Build Volume: 200 x 200 x 175 mm (8″x8″x7″)
  • Max Nozzle Temperature: 285°C
  • Max Build Surface Temperature: 120ºC
  • Extruder Style: Single Nozzle Bowden Extruder System
Full Specifications

Pricing and Ordering

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