Patent Pending Cartesian Design

The unique design of the G3D1 3D Printer allows for a completely stationary build surface. Having your object immobile while printing has benefits when printing with temperature sensitive plastics like ABS. A stationary build platform eliminates uneven cooling by eliminating drafts caused by axis movement. Coupled with the semi-enclosed build chamber, it keeps cooling as even as possible as the object prints, improving ABS and Nylon printing performance for larger parts.

Semi-Enclosed Build Chamber

The G3D1 is enclosed on 4 sides with transparent polycarbonate panels. This reduces the effects caused by outside air currents and drafts entering the build volume, while still providing access to the print surface. The enclosure also serves to prevent tampering or inadvertent intrusion of the 3D print volume, adding an element of safety compared to 3D printers with an open design.

High Power Adjustable 3mm Extruder Drive

The extruder drive used in the G3D1 is based on a high torque geared stepper. The clamping pressure for the drive can be easily changed, even during 3D printing operations, by rotating the adjustment nut to increase or decrease the clamping pressure. It’s an easy matter to adjust it for harder plastics, like PLA, and softer plastics, like Nylon, and all those in between. Additionally, the bowden tube connectors are heavy duty push fit couplings specifically for the G3D1, with metal retainers, they can withstand extreme extrusion pressure without failing.

All Metal High Performance Heated Nozzle

Using the venerable E3D v6 hot end design, coupled with our high power extruder drive, the G3D1 3D Printer achieves excellent print speeds and quality with a wide range of materials. The active cooling design prevents filament jams, and enhances reliability, thus allowing for extended print times without issue.  With a maximum temperature of 285ºC, it can provide enough thermal power for rapid print speeds up to 100mm/sec when needed. The side mounted print cooling fan aids in printing with PLA and is used intermittently during a 3D print. It is used to cool the object as it is printed, improving overhangs, bridges, and print quality for PLA in general

Rigid All Aluminum Frame

To maintain a machine’s calibration, it must be rigid. The G3D1 3D Printer features an all aluminum frame that provides for exemplary rigidity. 3D printers made from wood, plastic, or various hardware store parts can lose calibration through frame warping caused by heat and the rapid vibrations caused by the machine itself. The rigid frame of the G3D1 ensures that once calibrated, it stays calibrated. The frame is built using locking fastening hardware, ensuring that fasteners do not vibrate loose through the normal use of the machine.

Additional Features

Print from SD Card without a PC connected

Copy your prepared GCODE file to an SD card and print without needing a PC attached. Start your print via the on board LCD controller.

Adjust Print Settings via the On Board LCD Controller

Using the LCD controller, you can manually adjust print speeds, flowrates, temperatures and many other settings while the machine is running.

All In One Design. No power bricks, or exposed electrical components.

Every electrical component is built into the G3D1. There are no exposed electronic components like power supplies or controller boards. This prevents accidental damage by keeping the components and wiring free of outside interference.

Vibration Dampening Feet

Like any 3D printer, the G3D1 produces sound and vibrations as it prints. With specialty vibration dampening feet, the G3D1 transmits minimal sound and vibration to the surface on which it sits. Ensuring a stable and quiet work area.

Built In Filament Spool Holder

The built in filament spool holder is designed to hold standard 1kg spools of 3D printing filament. It can be easily removed if needed.

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