Maintenance Services

No Need for dedicated operational staff

Over the course of use, certain parts with our 3D printers will need to be cleaned and replaced. With our scheduled maintenance services, there is no need to train a member of your staff to perform these maintenance tasks on your Marion Systems 3D printer. This saves your organization money, and ensures that your 3D printer will run optimally for an extended period of time knowing that the maintenance was performed by those most knowledgeable about its design and procedures.

Maintenance Parts & Labor Costs Included

All labor and maintenance parts costs are included as a flat rate based on mileage from our ZIP code. If a maintenance part is to be replaced during normal maintenance, the cost of replacement is covered in your purchased scheduled maintenance services.

Maintenance Parts Include

  • Extruder Drive Gearbox
  • Extruder Drive Toothed Drive Wheel
  • Borosilicate Print Surface
  • Heated Print Nozzle
  • Bearing and lead screw lubrication

All other parts on any Marion Systems product are covered under our standard 1-year warranty.

Maintenance Service Details

  • Inspect Extruder Drive gearbox for backlash, and replace as necessary
  • Inspect Extruder Drive toothed drive wheel, clean or replace annually
  • Measure Z-Carriage home position, and readjust as necessary
  • Check condition Z-Axis lead screws, and lubricate as necessary
  • Firmware version checked, and available updates installed
  • Inspect Borosilicate print surface and replace every 6 months
  • Inspect heated print nozzle, and replace every 6 months
  • Inspect X & Y axis drive belt tension, and adjust if necessary
  • Inspect X & Y axis linear bearings, and lubricate as necessary
  • Re-level heated print surface, and adjust Z-carriage for misalignment
  • Perform calibration print(s), and perform adjustment of slicing settings as necessary

Recommended Intervals & Pricing

Maintenance services are priced depending on number of desired visits, and total mileage from Atlanta, GA. Marion Systems recommends quarterly visits for those who use our 3D printers on a daily basis (200+ hours of use per month). For less frequent use, or use only during academic semesters, two visits are recommended (50-200 hours of use per month). For only occasional use (less than 50 hours per month) an annual service is all that is recommended.

For more information about our Maintenance Services

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