On-Site Repair

Ensure Continued Operation and Return on Your Investment

With our on-site repair services, you can ensure the extended and continual operation of your Marion Systems 3D printer. In the event of a malfunction, the monthly service contract covers the cost of labor, parts and mileage to make the repairs at your location within 3 business days. If you subscribe to our monthly service plans and your 3D printer breaks, or ceases to function properly, and a repair is deemed necessary, one of our service engineers will come to your location and remedy the issue. Keeping your downtime to a minimum, and your production going. With this kind of support, you can be sure your investment in 3D printing will continue to pay off.

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Contact support at (770) 559-1520 or send an email. We will respond promptly.

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On-Site Repair Services can be purchased in 6 month blocks within any time during the first 3 months of the standard warranty period of your 3D printer. Upon purchase of your 3D printer and chosen service level, a member of our team will contact you to discuss the details of your service agreement. While the above service plan offers excellent value and recommended coverage, Marion Systems can custom tailor a service agreement to meet your needs. Please contact us at (770) 559-1520 or  info@marionsystems.com to discuss your requirements.

On-Site Repair Details

Marion Systems provides an excellent warranty with our 3D printers to give you the peace-of-mind you need when considering an investment in 3D printing. Additionally, we offer on-site repair services as part of our available service agreements. On-Site Repair Services provide additional coverage and services to ensure continued proper operation of your 3D printer and keep it performing optimally with a minimum of downtime. With our On-Site Repair Services, if your Marion Systems 3D printer ceases to function, Marion Systems may opt to repair the machine, at your location, within 2-3 business days. All labor, parts, and mileage are included in the subscription costs.

On-Site Benefits

On-Site Repair Services

Covers parts, labor, and mileage costs for repairs performed on-site. Some repairs may require substantial work, and will require depot repair. In this event, Marion Systems may opt to provide you with a machine of equal or greater capability while your machine is being repaired.

Minimal Downtime

On-Site repair means your machine will have maximum availability. No waiting weeks for replacement parts to arrive, or for a depot repair to complete. In the event your machine breaks, we will be there to fix it.

Email and Phone Support

Email and Phone support includes assistance with set up, troubleshooting, and general usage questions. For email support, responses should be expected in 1-2 business days. For immediate attention, please call (770) 559-1520.

Included Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance services can be included in your service agreement, and are included with the purchase of a year or more of on-site repair coverage. For information, please visit our Maintenance Services page.

Covering Multiple Printers

If you have purchased multiple 3D printers from Marion Systems, we offer packages to combine your on-site services for your machines. This can reduce your cost when compared to purchasing a plan for each printer individually, while still providing the full benefits of our on-site repair and maintenance services. Please contact info@marionsystems.com for more information.

If you have any questions about our service offerings, please contact us.

We can tailor our offerings to your needs. Call (770) 559-1520 or email us with your needs and questions and we’ll be happy to help.

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